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Glass beads: Tutorial Crossed Ring

Crossed ring

A basic ring, the system of this ring we will do it for the curtains ring of the ring.

   Anillo Cruzado   


- 33-35 Per them of Bohemian of 4mm metalized gray color

- 50 cm of nylon thread 0.3 mm


Step 1

We lined up 4 to per them or facetadas of Bohemian

   Paso 1   

Step 2

In fourth per we crossed it the thread. Although one only works with a thread at the moment at which the ends cross by one of crystals we happened to consider it like 2 "independent" threads, in the explanations will put each one of a color to facilitate the understanding.

   Paso 2   

Step 3

We lined up to per it by each thread

   Paso 3   

Step 4

We crossed threads by another crystal

   Paso 4   

Step 5

We lined up to per it by each thread

   Paso 5   

Step 6

We extended the body of the ring

   Paso 6   



Step 7

Once it covers the finger we closed the ring

   Paso 7   


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