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Glass beads: Pending tutorial Light

Pending Light

In this tutorial aside from playing with crystal of Swarovski and the one of Bohemian we will use slope pins and the pliers of round end.

   Pendiente Faro   


Materials: slope hook, tapanudos, nylon thread of 0.3 mm, 12 crystals facetados of 4mm.


Step 1

We lined up 4 crystals in the nylon thread.

   Paso 1   

Step 2

We hooked the 2 ends of the thread by the last crystal being a square form.

   Paso 2   

Step 3

In each thread we lined up a crystal.

   Paso 3   

Step 4

We lined up a crystal by which we crossed 2 threads.

   Paso 4   

Step 5

We lined up a crystal in each thread.

   Paso 5   

Step 6

We lined up a crystal by which they cross 2 threads.

   Paso 6   

Step 7

We lined up a crystal in each thread.

   Paso 7   

Step 8

We passed a thread through the crystal located in the base of the row of squares that we are doing.

   Paso 8   

Step 9

We crossed the other thread by that same crystal.

   Paso 9   

Step 10

We tightened threads and we see that a crystal ball forms that will make the function of base for the surface which we are going to cover of crystals.

   Paso 10   

Step 11

We lined up tupi of swarovski color saphire by each thread and lined up both threads by a crystal pebbles.

   Paso 11   

Step 12

We lined up tupi in each thread.

   Paso 12   

Step 13

We crossed threads by the following crystal of the parallel base to which they are united tupis.

   Paso 13   

Step 14

We tightened threads and a "flower" forms. We repeated this step 4 times until lateral ones of the ball are covered 4.

   Paso 14   

Step 15

In the last flower we finished the “wheel” tieing the threads trying that are most hidden possible.

   Paso 15   

Step 16

We applied fast glue, we hoped to that it dries and we cut the leftovers.

   Paso 16   

Step 17

The vista wheel from above is thus.

   Paso 17   

Step 18

Lateral vista of the wheel.

   Paso 18   

Step 19

We take the pin of flat end to make the slope and introduce a facted ball of 8 mm of crystal of swarovski color saphire.

   Paso 19   

Step 20

We introduce 4 crystal pebbles so that they wear the wheel that we have done previously (of this form we fitted the wheel to the structure avoiding that can "dance").

   Paso 20   

Step 21

We introduce the wheel fitting it to pebbles.

   Paso 21   

Step 22

We introduce by the pin tupi of 4 mm of crystal swarovski color saphire.

   Paso 22   

Step 23

We introduce by the pin crystal pebbles and ball facetada of swarovski 8 mm color saphire.

   Paso 23   

Step 24

We introduce by the pin crystal pebbles and tupi 4mm of swarovski color saphire.

   Paso 24   

Step 25

With the aid of it tiles of round end we are going to make the curtain ring to be able to hook the hook of the slope. It can which the leftover of the pin is much, in that case of cutting the leftover with pliers. In order to form the curtain ring it is recommended to let 7mm of pin approximately.

   Paso 25   

Step 26

In order to make the curtain ring we cleared with tiles of cleared end.

   Paso 26   

Step 27

Thus it is as it is left the cane that we finished composing.

   Paso 27   

Step 28

Photo 29: We put the curtain ring of the hook of the slope by the curtain ring of the cane that we finished doing and closed the curtain ring of the hook.

   Paso 28   


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