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Glass beads: Florcabuchon tutorial


In this tutorial we will learn to use technical hearts and one of the manifold to hold cabuchones of crystal.



- 6 Swarovski hearts 10 mm Siam (ref: 6202)

- 12 Tupis Swarovski 4mm Siam (ref: 5301)

- 1 Cabuchon 12 mm fireopal (ref: 4461)

- Faceteds 4 mm garnet for zone fastens with rings of the ring

- 1.5 ms Thread nylon 0,3mm

- Red pebbles


We lined up a heart, in each end of the thread we passed pebbles-tupi-pebbles and we crossed the thread by the second heart, in each end of the thread we return to line up pebbles-tupi-pebbles and we crossed the thread by the following heart, thus until making a flower with 6 hearts like petals.







Step 2

Completed the flower we make the part of down so that it holds cabuchon, this part we do with pebbles diminishing the thickness of the mesh. For it we left from one of tupis of the inferior part, lined up 2 pebbles and we crossed the thread by one third pebbles, the thread that leaves by down we passed it through following tupi of the flower to fix the mesh to the corola of the flower. Thus until completing I circulate.

   Paso 2   



Step 3

Finished the mesh of the inferior part we passed threads to the superior part, with cabuchon put in the hollow that is in center we come "to fix it" with pebbles. Here we left from the chain pebbles-tupi-pebbles of the flower, lined up 3 pebbles and we crossed the thread by 4ª pebbles. We introduce the thread that leaves down by the pebbles-tupi-pebbles chain.

   Paso 3   

Step 4

By the thread of above we lined up 2 pebbles and we crossed both threads by one 3º pebbles, thus until closing the circle. Once finished we make the curtain ring of the ring with crystals. facetados of 4 mm.

   Paso 4   






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